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JET ROLL Supersonic XLR Special Edition

JET ROLL Supersonic XLR Special Edition

Pinkie - A military aircraft landing at twilight between sunset (or sunrise) and the complete darkness of night.


JET Roll Supersonic XLR Special Edition Details:


The JET Roll Supersonic XLR is a JET Roll Supersonic/MTB hybrid variant intended for mixed terrain road and gravel race applications.


The Supersonic XLR ( Extra Large Reflective ) combines the size and versatility of the larger JET Roll MTB platform with a new highly reflective, lightweight, and durable material similar to that of the JET Roll Supersonic road models. With its highly reflective properties the Supersonic XLR is exceptionally well suited for saddle or jersey pocket use in low light cycling conditions.


JET Roll Supersonic XLR Special Edition* Features:


* BOLD indicates variation from the standard Supersonic XLR model ( S//SAP-JET )


  • Reflex Silver highly reflective body material
  • PREMIUM MIRROR SILVER multi-faceted crystal button fasteners
  • BLUE pump/CO2 canister loop
  • Heavy-duty black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle
  • Includes two JET Roll Tube Bands and two JET Roll Compression Bands


Color Note:

Reflex Silver color appears matte light gray metallic in natural light and bright reflective silver in bright light.



Fits a single 700 x 50c road or gravel tube in the main tube pocket.


Standard road tubes up to 700 x 43c will also fit in each end pocket.



The JET Roll Supersonic XLR shares the same size and dimensions as the JET Roll MTB models.


See the Product Details page for JET Roll MTB size and dimensions along with product instructions and tips for proper use.


Please Note:

This JET Roll model includes a premium lightweight, heavy-duty, black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle that provides adequate support for its contents in most cycling applications. For highly demanding rough terrain cycling applications or where additional support of larger items or heavier cargo are required please consider one of the JET Roll MTB extreme conditions DOUBLE STRAP models (Black Project Division) or the JET Roll Flyby II DOUBLE STRAP and band upgrade kit (Shop, bottom of page 2).


For plus sized MTB tubes and/or additional cargo capacity please consider the JET Roll Raven (S//SAP-JET) or one of the JET Roll MTB+ models (Black Project Division).




Special effects in some pictures are used to show detail and may not accurately depict product color.


Example items / contents in pictures are NOT included.

    $80.00 Regular Price
    $65.00Sale Price
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