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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a JET Roll?

JET Roll, by Just Enough Tools, is a compact bicycle saddle/pocket tool roll, sometimes referred to as a tool wrap. Each JET Roll comes with a strap that securely fastens the JET Roll to the saddle rails by passing the strap around the saddle rails and through the unique, patented, double button hole on the JET Roll.


How is JET Roll different than a cyclist's common saddle bag?


Based on a simple yet highly functional design, JET Roll offers numerous benefits and versatility that common saddle bags don't offer. First, JET Roll wraps tight so that all of it's contents remain firmly held in place without rattling around on rough roads or trails. JET Roll is designed to go the distance, whether it be a short, fast training ride, or a long distance multi-day race or tour, a properly fastened JET Roll remains firmly and quietly held in place throughout the ride. Be sure to follow all JET Roll instructions on the Product Details page for the proper setup and use of the JET Roll. Second, JET Roll II and JET Roll III (models with a button) can be closed and carried in a jersey pocket as an alternative to having the JET Roll fastened to the saddle rails. This unique JET Roll option allows for the convenience of carrying bicycle tubes, tools, CO2 cartridges, etc., or personal items in a compact, easy to carry tool roll in one of the three back pockets of a cycling jersey. Also, without "hook and loop" fasteners there is no risk of the JET Roll strap pulling or snagging your bike shorts or the inside pocket of your jersey. Third, all JET Roll models can be attached to other items, such as backpacks, panniers, racks, and other gear for easy convenient access to the essential bike items and tools at all times. No more searching to find individual tools and tubes, JET Roll has everything you need neatly rolled up in a single, easy to access, lightweight wrap.

Q  What other benefits does JET Roll offer?

A  A bicycle tube that is exposed to the potentially damaging effects of long-term UV sunlight, dirt, sand, oil, road salt, and other environmental conditions, can cause the rubber to degrade and possibly crack, rendering a spare tube useless when it is needed most. The closed JET Roll design protects tubes, plastic tire levers, tools, and other items from the potentially damaging effects of long-term environmental exposure.


What sizes does JET Roll come in?


There are three standard JET Roll platforms. The original JET Roll, JET Roll II, and JET Roll III models, as well as the Supersonic, Hypersonic, and Phantom series are designed off of a smaller, more compact road size. The JET Roll MTB series and special MTB models are designed from a larger capacity, higher volume size, and can carry one 29" MTB tube or two road/gravel tubes in each end pocket. The JET Roll Raven and MTB+ models offer an even larger capacity for a tubular tire or plus sized tubes and extra cargo. The expedition size Red X spare tire model and super compact Sidewinder CO2 model are also available.


I notice that some JET Roll MTB models come with a single strap and others with a double strap. What's the difference?


The double strap provides more support for the JET Roll MTB when it is carrying larger items or when it's capacity is nearly maxed out by it's contents. Under normal MTB conditions, or for road and light gravel use, when the JET Roll MTB is carrying a single tube and a few basic items, a single strap MTB model should be sufficient. In extreme conditions such as highly technical rocky or rooted trails, or for aggressive riding and racing conditions where the bike and rider are subjected to severe turbulence the double strap MTB models provide extra support and hold for the contents of the JET Roll. Optional JET Roll Flyby single and double strap/band accessory kits are also available in the JET Roll Shop.


My JET Roll came with a JET Roll Band, what is it for?


Each new JET Roll comes with either one or two JET Roll Tube Bands depending on the JET Roll model. The JET Roll Tube Band is used to hold a tightly rolled tube in place so that it can be easily placed in the main tube pocket of the JET Roll. The included JET Roll Compression Band(s) can be used for external compression and to hold the JET Roll contents firmly in place both on and off the bike.


Can I find JET Roll products at my local bike shop?


We are currently working to expand our dealer network to make JET Roll products available at your local bike shop. JET Roll products are available through select bicycle dealers throughout the USA and the rest of the world. Ask for JET Roll by name at your local bike shop.


I see a JET Roll product on the website that I would like to purchase, how do I purchase or place an order for this item?


You can place a JET Roll order directly through the JET Roll Shop. Click on the Shop heading on the top of the website to view the current selection of JET Roll products. Also visit the Black Project Division and S//SAP-JET sections for additional JET Roll models.


Where are JET Roll products made?


All JET Roll products are individually made by hand, in the USA!


I am about to use my new JET Roll for the first time, what tips or suggestions do you have for first time use?


The first step is to follow all JET Roll instructions on the Product Details page in order to properly fasten your new JET Roll to the saddle rails. It is recommended that you insert and arrange the contents of your JET Roll so that you can roll it up nice and tight. While holding the rolled JET Roll firmly up against the back of the saddle rails, pass the strap around the rails and through the double button hole on the JET Roll. Continue to hold everything firmly in place and tighten the strap through the buckle until the JET Roll remains firmly and tightly held in place. Pull the strap very tight. Loop the strap end around and tuck it under and through the tightened strap around the JET Roll to keep it out of the way. Please keep in mind that JET Roll models that include a leather strap may have a slight initial break-in period. The leather strap may stretch during the first few uses and rides with a new JET Roll. Be sure to check that the strap remains tight and securely holds the JET roll firmly in place up against the back of the saddle rails at all times. Once everything settles in place, you may want to tighten the strap up a little more, and you will be good to go. Use the included JET Roll Compression Band to hold the JET Roll and it's contents together while in use and fastened to the saddle rails.


I am considering either a JET Roll Supersonic or Hypersonic model. What is the difference between these two JET Roll models?


The JET Roll Supersonic was designed to be light weight while also retaining a high degree of durability. The Supersonic model has a single button fastener (JET Roll II) and weighs only approximately 18g without the strap. The JET Roll Hypersonic model (JET Roll III) is the ultimate, ultra lightweight, minimalist saddle/pocket tool roll option. The Hypersonic weighs in at only about 14g without the strap, and has a second button to close more compactly around its contents. The JET Roll Hypersonic includes three JET Roll Bands, one for a rolled tube, and the other two to be used for (optional) external compression.


I just placed a JET Roll order, how long does it take before my order ships?


It usually takes 2 to 3 business days to process a JET Roll order before it ships. During busy times, or for large orders, it may take 5 to 7 business days to process a JET Roll order. JET Roll orders usually ship via USPS Priority Mail small, or medium, flat rate box (2 - 3 day domestic US delivery). International orders may take up to 2 to 3 weeks for delivery due to customs, and local international carrier transfer delays. You will receive a shipping confirmation with details of your JET Roll order with tracking information, once your order ships.


What material is used to make the JET Roll MTB, is it made from waxed canvas?


No, all materials used in the construction of JET Roll products have been carefully selected, and tested for their specific properties, application, and intended use. The original JET Roll model, as well as it's successors the JET Roll II and III, and the JET Roll MTB are constructed from a heavy-duty, industrial grade, synthetic fabric that has a similar look, feel, and texture to cotton canvas. This synthetic material has superior properties that make it stronger, more durable, and highly UV, water, and wear resistant.


Does Just Enough Tools offer a crash/damage repair or replacement program?


Yes, we ride, race, and use JET Roll products every day. As a result, we have had our share of crashes and mishaps where we have sustained damage to our own gear and equipment. We offer a crash/damage repair or replacement program on all JET Roll products. If we determine that a JET Roll product has incurred substantial damage through normal use, it can be returned at our sole discretion, for repair or replacement of the same JET Roll model and color. Each case will be considered by us on an individual basis. We reserve the right to reject any crash/damage claim for any reason. Return shipping and handling fees may apply. Please contact us via email at for more information.


Are JET Roll products waterproof?


No. While most of the materials used to make JET Roll products are either highly water resistant or waterproof, the roll up design does not completely seal the JET Roll from exposure to the elements. Through extensive testing, in real world riding conditions, we have found that the contents of a tightly wrapped JET Roll will remain substantially dry and unaffected by dirt and water under most normal riding conditions. In extreme wet weather and muddy riding conditions, it is recommended that the JET Roll and it's contents be wiped down and dried off after use. It is also suggested that the JET Roll be removed from the saddle rails, unrolled, and allowed to air dry with it's contents removed after use in extremely wet conditions.


Are JET Roll products durable enough to be used in harsh and extreme riding conditions?


Yes, Absolutely. All JET Roll products have been designed and thoroughly tested for their specific purpose and intended use. JET Roll products utilize some of the most technologically advanced materials currently in existence. These commercial and industrial grade materials have been extensively real world tested in all cycling conditions over many thousands of miles without failure when properly used. Maximum consideration has been given to each JET Roll product with respect to it's intended use, service life, and longevity in the real cycling world.


Is it possible to damage a JET Roll product? How long should I expect a JET Roll to last?


Yes, it is possible to damage the material of a JET Roll product if sharp and/or protruding tools or items are carried inside a tightly wrapped JET Roll. In order to avoid damaging the material of a JET Roll product, it is strongly advised that you do not carry or wrap sharp edged objects or tools inside JET Roll products. JET Roll products are designed and made to be durable and useful for cyclists who ride many miles in all conditions. The expected service life of all JET Roll products depends on many factors. As with any cycling product, normal wear and tear from use, riding conditions, exposure to the elements, and many other factors will ultimately determine how long a JET Roll product will last.


What is your return policy?


Each JET Roll product is made by hand from the highest quality materials, and is carefully inspected upon completion for product quality and workmanship. A JET Roll product may be returned if it is found to have a substantial material or workmanship defect only. Normal wear from use and slight product variation are not considered defects, and are not eligible for return. Please contact with any additional questions, or for more information about JET Roll products.



We ride and use JET Roll products every day.

JET Roll is proudly made in the USA!

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