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JET ROLL Sidewinder

JET ROLL Sidewinder

Compact item add-on or pocket use accessory model

The Sidewinder is designed for versatile multi-configuration use; pocket, frame, or seatpost mount options.

JET Roll Sidewinder Model Details:


  • Tactile ultra high-tech body material
  • Standard black leather strap
  • Four 16g CO2 cartridge capacity
  • Additional pockets for other small items
  • Single multi-faceted jet black crystal button

Two red ( small ) and two black ( medium ) JET Roll Compression Bands along with grip tape for use with seatpost or frame mount options are included.


Textured Matte


Jet Black

Red Flare

Shadow Gray

Sky Blue


This JET Roll model is not designed to hold a full size spare tube! A standard road tube will not fit in the pockets of this JET Roll model. The JET Roll Sidewinder is intended as a small/compact item frame or seatpost add-on, or pocket use accessory model only.

For larger items or to carry a standard size road tube, see either the JET Roll road or MTB models.


Sidewinder Tip:
The smaller pockets are designed to hold individual CO2 cartridges.
Insert CO2 cartridges at a slight angle into the Sidewinder CO2 pockets.


See the JET Roll Sidewinder page and Sidewinder videos on the Video page for more information, pictures, and JET Roll Sidewinder use examples.

Optional JET Roll Flyby strap and band accessory kits are available on PAGE 2 of the JET Roll Shop.



*** Example items / contents in pictures are NOT included. ***

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