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JET ROLL MTB+ Ultralight

JET ROLL MTB+ Ultralight

Lightweight Fighter (LWF): A USAF technology program that sought to evaluate the effectiveness of a high thrust-to-weight ratio along with superior maneuverability in combat aircraft.


JET Roll MTB+ Ultralight Details:


The JET Roll MTB+ Ultralight utilizes a new lightweight waterproof material that exhibits exceptional strength and durability. An internal structural diamond pattern along with three layers of material provide a slightly stiff abrasion resistant look and feel. This new high-tech material combined with a new translucent pump/CO2 canister loop and low profile premium crystal button fasteners yield an average overall weight of only 47 grams* (without the included strap). JET Roll MTB+ Ultralight is the optimal choice for light weight touring, bikepacking, gravel, and adventure cycling.


Highlights of this new JET Roll MTB+ Ultralight model include...


  • New lightweight, super strong, waterproof body material
  • Unique multi-color camouflage color pattern
  • Premium low profile crystal button fasteners
  • New translucent fiber reinforced pump/CO2 canister loop provides functional secure 'grip' for a compact pump or CO2 inflation device (3.5"/9cm max outer circumference)
  • Expandable main tube pocket accomodates standard road, gravel, MTB, and MTB+ tube(s) or a single road tubular tire
  • Matte black trim
  • Black stitch color
  • Premium black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle
  • Two JET Roll Tube Bands and two JET Roll Compression Bands included




Serpentine Green

Camouflage green and yellow with matching spectrum (multi-color) buttons


Canyonlands Sandstone

Camouflage sand and red with jet black crystal buttons



Due to the unique, random, non-repeating camouflage pattern of this material, each JET Roll MTB+ Ultralight will appear slightly different. NO TWO WILL LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. Pictures accurately represent the product color(s), however, the pattern of each JET Roll MTB+ Ultralight produced will be different from that shown in the pictures. Color gradients will vary according to each unique pattern.


This JET Roll MTB+ Ultralight model includes a premium black nylon SINGLE strap with stainless steel buckle.


See the Shop and Black Project Division for Flyby strap and band upgrade kits and the JET Roll MTB+ Dragon Lady (single strap) and Balls 8 (double strap) models. 


* Product Weight: The average weight of this model (without the strap) is approximately 47 grams with a possible variation of approximately +/- 5g.



gravel racing ... check

lightweight touring ... check

bikepacking day trips ... check

multi-day cycling excursion ... check


JET Roll MTB+ Ultralight ... Travel Light !




Example items / contents in pictures are NOT included.

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