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Carrefour de l'Arbre ... The cobblestone roads of northern Europe play a pivotal role in many of the legendary spring cycling classics. These fabled roads have made champions and dashed the dreams of many who dare to take on the cobbled sectors!


JET Roll MTB Sector 9 'Cobbles Edition' Details:


Derived from the original JET Roll MTB platform, this special JET Roll MTB Sector 9 model is designed specifically for adventure and gravel cycling applications. The Sector 9 utilizes a new, exceptionally soft fabric body material making it well suited for jersey pocket use.


  • New exceptionally soft fabric body material
  • Color: Light cream with multi-color blocks
  • Low profile jet black crystal button fasteners
  • Matte black trim and black stitch color
  • Black pump/CO2 canister loop
  • ULTRA PREMIUM matte black suede leather DOUBLE STRAP with stainless steel buckles
  • Two JET Roll Tube Bands and two JET Roll Compression Bands are included


Benefits of the DOUBLE STRAP:


  • Buckles adjust independently to secure cargo
  • Strap offset allows for position adjustment on the saddle rails 
  • Firm support of contents in rough and challenging terrain
  • Provides a secure alternate mounting option to other gear 


Please Note:

Due to the unique and exceptionally soft nature of the fabric material used in this JET Roll model, extra care may be required when wrapping and fastening this model to the saddle rails. Carefull selection, placement, and orientation of contents may be necessary in order to ensure that the JET Roll MTB Sector 9 remains secure when fastened to the saddle rails. 


Please follow all instructions on the Product Details page for the proper use of JET Roll products.




Special effects in some pictures are used to show product detail, and may not accurately depict product color. 


Example items / contents in pictures are NOT included.

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