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AV-8B Harrier II 'Jump Jet': Attack and Multi-Role jet aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing.


JET Roll MTB Harrier Model Details:


Primary Role - Mixed terrain road and gravel race


This highly versatile multi-role JET Roll MTB model utilizes a new super heavy-duty body material to achieve an exceptionally durable, all conditions platform for mixed terrain and gravel cycling essentials.


  • Premium SUPER HEAVY-DUTY body material
  • Color: charcoal gray/desert sand stripe fade
  • Jet black multi-faceted crystal button fasteners
  • Dark gray titanium trim color and black stitch
  • ULTRA PREMIUM heavy-duty matte black suede single leather strap with stainless steel buckle
  • Two JET Roll tube bands and two JET Roll compression bands are included


The JET Roll MTB Harrier has the capacity to carry a single standard mountain bike tube up to 29 x 2.10 or two road or gravel tubes in each end pocket along with other items for road, gravel, mountain, mixed terrain, and adventure cycling.




Example items / contents in pictures are NOT included.

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