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Designed and built for the long distance cycling adventure.

JET Roll MTB is designed for multi-purpose, all conditions use; road, gravel, touring, or trail. JET Roll MTB is made from the highest quality fabric and materials to survive in the harshest conditions. The three button holes, and two button fasteners allow the JET Roll MTB to adjust to your cargo needs. Attach it to your saddle with the included heavy duty strap or fasten it to a pack and take off.

The JET Roll MTB can accommodate two standard road tubes or one MTB tube up to 29" along with tools and other items for the long-haul.


JET Roll MTB GT Model Details:

This all-road, gravel, and touring oriented MTB model utilizes a unique soft synthetic material that has a slight textured finish to provide extra grip in harsh cycling environments. This MTB variant excels in challenging and deteriorating cycling conditions.

JET Roll MTB GT Colors :

Light Blue Anodized Aluminum ( Black / Gray / Neon Orange )

Signal Orange ( Black / Gray / Neon Yellow )


  • Matte Black Trim


  • Low profile jet black crystal button fasteners


  • Black pump / CO2 loop 


  • Premium heavy-duty black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle


  • Two JET Roll Tube Bands, and two Compression Bands are included



Fits standard tubes up to 29 x 2.35

For oversized and plus sized MTB tubes, see the JET Roll Raven, Dragon Lady, and Balls 8 models.



*** Example items / contents in pictures are NOT included. ***

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