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JET ROLL MTB+ Dragon Lady

JET ROLL MTB+ Dragon Lady

U-2 Dragon Lady:

Ultra-high altitude reconnaissance aircraft designed for day and night all-weather intelligence gathering.

JET Roll MTB+ Dragon Lady Model Details:

Derived from the versatile JET Roll Raven platform, this JET Roll MTB+ model can accommodate tube sizes from 27.5 x 3.0" up to 26 x 4.8" with its unique expandable main tube pocket.

This new MTB+ Dragon Lady model is available in Lagoon Blue and Sunset Red, with bronze color metal button fasteners, matte gray trim with black stitch color, black pump loop, and a single heavy-duty MTB specific matte black strap.

Two JET Roll Tube Bands, and two JET Roll Compression Bands are also included.



Due to the unique color gradient of the material used in this model, pattern orientation may vary slightly from the pictures shown.


Optional JET Roll Flyby strap and band accessory/upgrade kits are also available on PAGE 2 of the JET Roll Shop.

*** Example items / contents in pictures are NOT included. ***

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