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JET ROLL Hypersonic

JET ROLL Hypersonic

JET Roll Hypersonic is a ultra-lightweight JET Roll III model.

JET Roll Hypersonic is designed to carry a tube, tire levers, patch kit, and CO2 in minimalist fashion. The Hypersonic model uses extremely thin, yet strong material to achieve a ultra compact profile and weight of only 14 grams ( without the strap ). With the two button closure, this JET Roll III model can also be used to carry personal items in a jersey pocket. JET Roll Hypersonic is the perfect choice to carry cash, a credit or debit card, and other small items when weight and space are considered.

Colors :
( body / thread color )

JET Black / Black
JET Black / Tantalum Metallic
JET Black / Rose Gold Metallic
Vapor White / Red & Blue
Vapor White / Carbon Metallic
Vapor White / Bronze Metallic


All with matte black trim

JET Roll Hypersonic includes two JET Roll Compression Bands and a JET Roll Tube Band, along with a lightweight black nylon strap.

Approx. weight : 14 grams ( +/- 5 grams ) as shown, without strap.

* * * IMPORTANT NOTE * * *
The material used in the JET Roll Hypersonic model is exceptionally thin and light weight, while retaining a good degree of durability and water resistance. This JET Roll model is intended to be compact, slim, and minimalist. The original JET Roll III model uses a more substantial, heavy-duty synthetic canvas material that exhibits superior durability and longevity.

The size and dimensions of the JET Roll III Hypersonic and other JET Roll III models are exactly the same.

Fits road tubes ( 700 x 19-32c )

*** Example items/contents in pictures are NOT included. ***

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