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JET ROLL Supersonic NSX

JET ROLL Supersonic NSX

JET Roll Supersonic is a super-lightweight JET Roll II model.

JET Roll Supersonic shares the same dimensions and features as the original JET Roll II, with less weight. Where the original JET Roll II model weighs 26 grams (without the strap), and is made of a heavier duty fabric, the JET Roll Supersonic model weighs only 18 grams (without the strap), and is constructed from lightweight, water and tear resistant synthetic fabric. While this hi-tech material is extremely light, it still retains a very high degree of durability and is exceptionally strong for its weight.

JET Roll Supersonic has a single button fastener like the original JET Roll II model, so that it can be closed and carried in a jersey pocket or pack. JET Roll Supersonic comes standard with a black nylon strap and metal buckle that weighs only 20 grams.


JET Roll II Supersonic NSX Model Details:


Colors ( body / thread ):

JET Black / Neon Pink
JET Black / Neon Orange
JET Black / Neon Green
JET Black / Neon Yellow

Matte black trim


Single button fastener

Standard black nylon strap


A JET Roll Tube Band and a JET Roll Compression Band are included.


Fits road tubes ( 700 x 19-32c )

*** Example items / contents in pictures are NOT included ***

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