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JET ROLL Supersonic Gravel Series ( CAMO )

JET ROLL Supersonic Gravel Series ( CAMO )

This new Supersonic Gravel Series model is a JET Roll Supersonic variant tuned specifically for lightweight gravel, CX, touring, or trail use.

With its single bronze color metal button fastener and heavy-duty black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle, this JET Roll Supersonic model is ready to take on the road less traveled!


JET Roll Supersonic Gravel Series Model Details:


* * * Special CAMOUFLAGE Edition * * *




Desert ( sand ) Camouflage
Forest ( green ) Camouflage


Dark gray trim with black stitch color

Max 700 x 43c tube capacity ( medium valve )

Includes a JET Roll Tube and Compression Band.

See the JET Roll Supersonic page and the Product Details page for more information.

Select Gravel Series T-shirt OPTION below.

Color : Desert ( surcharge applies )

S ( 34 - 36 )
M ( 38 - 40 )
L ( 42 - 44 )
Slim Fit

Select NONE for no T-shirt option.


JET Roll Supersonic Gravel Series ...

Tactical advantage for the road less traveled!

Example items / contents in pictures are NOT included.

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