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JET ROLL Hypersonic X-15

JET ROLL Hypersonic X-15

X-15: Hypersonic rocket-powered manned aircraft that set the official world speed record of Mach 6.72 in October 1967, and remains unchallenged to this day. Only three X-15's were produced.


JET Roll X-15 Model Details:


The JET Roll X-15 is a supremely lightweight JET Roll Hypersonic variant!


Body / Stitch ( Strap )

Vapor White / Neon Orange ( black strap )
Vapor White / Neon Yellow ( black strap )
JET Black / Niobium ( neon yellow strap )
JET Black / Niobium ( neon green strap )
JET Black / Niobium Ltd Ed. ( neon pink strap )

Matte black trim



This special JET Roll X-15 model sacrifices the two button closure of the standard JET Roll Hypersonic model to achieve the ultimate lightweight, minimalist, JET Roll carry-on setup.

The JET Roll X-15 includes a lightweight premium nylon strap with stainless steel buckle, two JET Roll Compression Bands, and a JET Roll Tube Band.

Use the JET Roll Compression Band(s) to hold the JET Roll X-15 and it's contents together while in use.

See the JET Roll Hypersonic page for more information.

* * * PLEASE NOTE * * *
The average weight of the Hypersonic X-15 is 12g

( Not including the strap or JET Roll bands with a possible variation of +/- 5 grams. )

Fits road tubes ( 700 x 19-32c )

*** Example items / contents in pictures are NOT included. ***

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