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The original JET Roll with or without a button fastener.

The original JET Roll was designed to be an easy and convenient way to carry the essential items for any bike ride, road or trail. Constructed by hand from premium, durable materials, the JET Roll is made to last.

The original JET Roll comes with a black or white leather strap to attach it securely to the back of the saddle. Just wrap the JET Roll nice and tight, pass the strap around the saddle rails and through the double button hole, tighten the strap, and off you go.

The JET Roll II model is identical to the original JET Roll model mentioned above, with the exception that it includes a button to close the JET Roll II when the strap is not in use. This feature allows the JET Roll II to be easily carried in a jersey pocket. Just fasten the button to either of the two button holes on the JET Roll II and put it in a pocket, or toss it in a pack.

To attach the JET Roll II to the saddle rails, just use the included leather strap and bypass the button, just like the original JET Roll.

The JET Roll and JET Roll II are designed to carry one standard road tube ( 700 x 19 - 32c ), a patch kit, tire levers, a co2 cartridge or two, and other small, compact items.

JET Roll and JET Roll II are currently available in a variety of colors. See the Shop for current selection

Every JET Roll is proudly made by hand, one at a time, in the USA !

Includes a leather strap, JET Roll Tube Band, and a JET Roll Compression Band.

*** Example items / contents in pictures are not included ***
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