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JET ROLL Blackstar JOKER  Limited Edition

JET ROLL Blackstar JOKER Limited Edition

SR-3/XOV 'Blackstar': Rumored super secret deep black budget spaceplane system developed in the 1990's with strategic orbital reconnaissance and hypervelocity orbit-to-ground weapons capabilities.


JET Roll Blackstar JOKER Limited Edition Details:


The new 2021 JET Roll Blackstar is a large capacity POCKET USE ONLY model derived from the original JET Roll MTB platform. Inspired by the ultra-lightweight JET Roll Aurora road model, the JET Roll Blackstar offers additional capacity for larger tubes and other small/compact cycling items.


Like all JET Roll MTB models, the new JET Roll Blackstar has extra cargo capacity to carry two road tubes (one in each end pocket) along with CO2 cartridges, tire levers, a patch kit, and a small multi-tool all rolled up in an ultra-lightweight 28g* jersey pocket or backpack configuration.


With the included tube and compression bands the contents of the JET Roll Blackstar are held firmly in place for long distance road, gravel, CX, MTB, or adventure cycling applications.




UltraVIOLET camouflage hex with neon orange/green stitch



Logos and/or text representing the printed design are integrated in the camouflage pattern and may be present on the ouside and/or inside of this JET Roll model.


Other Details:


  • New super-duty highly abrasion resistant 3-ply waterproof body material
  • Heavy-duty reinforced stitch pattern
  • Precision trimmed non-fray ends
  • Random design pattern, no two exactly alike
  • Two JET Roll Tube Bands and Two JET Roll Compression Bands included



The average weight of this model is approximately 28 grams with a possible variation of +/- 3 grams.




Fits a single standard tube up to 29 x 2.10 in the main tube pocket.


Please see the Product Details page for more information about the JET Roll models.


Special effects in some pictures are used to show product detail and may not accurately depict product color.


Please Note:

This special color variant will be available for a limited time in very limited quantities.


Joker: A low fuel state that requires a pilot to abandon the mission and return back to base.


Example items/contents in pictures are NOT included.

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